Day 6 on NORWEGIAN DREAM in Hamilton, Bermuda (English Version)

And again a too cold morning started that I was looking for warm cozy location. But the whole ship was cold. When I asked a crew member if he knew a warm place he said that I should get on the the pooldeck. Indeed it was warmer than in the ship. But unfortunately too windy.

One wrote for the case that the internet time package expires a new package will be booked on the onboard account.

That's not correct!

The seating will be charged at the minute-rate as purchased:

I. e. if you purchased a time package at 55 Cent/min. the additional minutes exceeding the time package will be charged at 55 Cent/min if you have not bought a new time package and the seating was not interrupted.

But this morning I was somehow annoyed. That's why I forgot to close my line although I only need to work offline.

Blessing in disguise: in this moment a mail from my bank arrived. I should report to them asap.

Five minutes later I called Berlin:

where was I: United Arab Emirates or Bermuda.

There were some major sales volumes in Dubai.

I confirmed that I was currently in Hamilton and I was told that they cancelled my MasterCard due to safety reason. That was why it did not work in the internet café.

Happily I had a card double and never used Visa the cancellation did not bother me before my return.

The credit card details were pished.

Onboard you could still discover the trace of the Chocololic-Buffet. Was it so bad that there were only full plates???

We went for breakfast but I returned immediately for my stateroom because I forgot something. I Gede asked me if there was anything wrong. As I mentioned that I forgot something he did not asked me anymore. When I returned and waved him with my tea bags he followed me and asked what I got from my stateroom. When I showed him my Jasmine-Tea he screwed his eyes, ran to the galley and brang me a box and asked me: "Why don't you say anything???"

That's I asked indeed myself... I am an idiot!!!

Monica (right) told us that she knew us from Le Bistro last year on NORWEGIAN DREAM. That's a big surprise. She told us what the other were doing. One of our three waiters left NCL and preferred to work ashore.

Left side is Jacqueline, who was our waitress in Le Bistro on the first night.

We went by ferry to Sommerset to watch some houses.

Actually I wanted to retire at the Baltic Sea... but I think that I changed my mind recently...

CRYSTAL SYMPHONY docked in the Great Sound and was tendering...

We returned to Hamilton.

I went to try out another Internet-Café while Bruno caught some impressions from Hamilton:

Here in Reid Street there are at least three Internet-Cafés.

I was with Telecom Bermuda International.

10 BMD/hour. No coffee and opening hours like a govermente office and many visitors who payed their phone bill in cash.

And here the view from our "private balcony"... two blocks upwards and left it's Focus. The street parallel to the ship (one block) is Reid Street with three Internet-Cafés. Two right on the right side and Telecom Bermuda International is left on the right side:

They never stopped trying getting us to the casino which was closed for three days.

We reported this morning at the reception desk that it was too cold in our cabin. You see here: our claim was taken seriously and they tried to do their best but it did not work...

Fibre replaced paper: looks more elegant.

None to say farewell...

Only our towboat...

I thought they came to wave us but they just wanted to berth...

... and the very last time you can hear the horn of NORWEGIAN DREAM to announce her set-sail

I was very disappointed of NORWEGIAN DREAM: Even she did not give us a horn for our farewell.

We decided that we will come back one day for sure.

One the way to our lunch we saw that lobster is offered: against 10 USD on top.

As everyone was watching our sail-away and wanted to have lunch we had to accept a longer waiting time. Mike (from cassrebecca) saw us and offered us to join them at their table.

Somehow we ordered always the same... above now and below then...

Yummy... the Sesame-Scallops we were looking for...

... as we did not get them with our spcial dinner night...

... but somehow the sesame crust on the scallops was missing and someone decided to use all remained food for this meal and again the noodles were again very sludgy...

How nice was it then on NORWEGIAN GEM:

... and the fruit dessert from the lunch menu was somehow a good friend from our breakfast...

We met this morning Monica and now we met Maurizio again who remembered very well my "parents" (here: my elementary school teacher Mr and Mrs Pannen)...

We remember very well the perfect service which was then available in Le Bistro...

Tonight there was the last Latitude-Reception for all higher tiers. I decided to show everybody my pins...

Everyone was already well prepared for Halloween. Everyone but us. The air condition killed us so that we took a nap during the afternoon instead of inviting all other cruisecritic-friends for a chocolate-party.

His speaches became more sad. He asked us for the address of MathiasK (President of the Norwegian Dream Fan Club) which we gave him. Alternatively we offered him to take it back to Germany and mail it from there.

He said it might be too heavy and when he told us what it was we say "No, thanks!". But if we would have carried it with us, it would have gotten "lost" on the mail-transfer from us to MathiasK:

We had a longer conversation with Julia and Karin.

Julia is also Interantional Hostess. She would have translated all menus to German... Would not I have outed that I speak English: she maybe would have joined us every night for dinner to translate the menus...

We tried to check out the different priveleges onboard with Karin. She thought that the wine in our stateroom and the invitation for breakfast in "The Terraces" were a mistake. But meanwhile we got a message from our TA Dorothy that the wine was an extra-goodie for their customers due to huge NCL-allocation. On this cruise there were 11 staterooms booked via cruisebrothers.com. But we need not to change the restaurant and my stay in the "The Terraces". What we found out: there is a difference between Suite-guests and Latitude-upper-tiers. Only the balcony staterooms were something special on NORWEGIAN DREAM. That's the difference for the breakfast which you will not find on other ships.

So we went to the show:

You see: the previous four pictures were taken on the 2007-voyage on NORWEGIAN DREAM...

And now the pictures from this year's voyage:

Again something for the subject: diversified entertainment: "Rock the Town" is presented already for five/six years as Denny explained us. When I asked him for our last year's Cruise Director Ricky Mathews on NORWEGIAN DREAM I learned that he is now with RCI.

And then the tribute to the crew followed:

We discovered our stateroom attendant Marcus on the stage. Elesas was there in the second show.

We did not know the gentlemen above...

... but on the other side: Herold, Thomas, Savio and Panos.

That was the Executive Chef and his deputy.

Grrr... seeing the Chief Engineer gave me the creeps.

... and his very last speach (beside the replay at the 2nd show).

It should be a Egg-Drop-Soup but obviously the eggs were running out...

Isabelito was pre-warned that I would be onbaord...

And Adina also knew about us and was in charge for our "Best of NCL"-Dinner.

Next to our very last towel animal we got our cookies for farewell...

Our VIP-baggage-tags and a separate disembakation letter from our concierge Karin:

How does Frank Sinatra sings in "My Way":

"And now the End is near..."


While we were sleeping the crew had their very last party in "The Terraces"... We grant them their party.

Good Night.