Day 5 on NORWEGIAN DREAM in Hamilton, Bermuda (English Version)

I waked up around 4 am. But only because it was cold. No idea what happened.

Someone played with the air condition. So far it was very convenient on board. There was only only the cool zone in the "Four Seasons". I. e. somehow you always noted if you were in the added part of the ship because of the temperature and it was chilly.

MathiasK (Norwegian Dream Fan Club) wrote! He asked me why I have not ask him what's behind the oval windows.

I felt free to make my own discoveries on the ship without asking him!

Furthermore he asked me to take a picture of a gift he passed to the crew years ago.

I better should tease him and should not go upstairs but I did it:

Here is nothing...

Is he talking about this???

Further upstairs I found this wall:

And I guessed that was it was looking for to have a picture:

... because I am nice and the flash's reflexion disturbed me I went one day later with my tripot to take picutures without flash.

That's history... Diana Ross... "My endless Love..."...

And again breakfast.

Should a 2:98 be on developement???

Somehow I have unluck with Russians on board of any ships - but not Ukrainian. I remember the last NORWEGIAN DREAM's and QUEEN VICTORIA's Reception Desk. It's the tart-prude "charme" which makes a certain kind of distance between crew member and guest.

She ignored my Russian greetings. She felt unpleasant that I identified her as Russian.

As we were the only ones in the restaurant we asked for adjustment of the air condition. So far it was only cold in the "Four Seasons" but now it was colder here.

Unfortunenately nothing could have done. I felt sorry for the waiters. They need to run extra miles for on this day.

Now (above) and then on NORWEGIAN DREAM:

We bought the day before a Green Tea of our own. That's so nice that I asked just for a glass of ide.

She thought I went crazy:

First I wanted just a pot of hot water...
then I wanted just a half glass of water without ice... (as it was too cold)...
next I wanted just a half glass of Cranberry Juice (to mix with the water as it was too sweet)
and finally I wanted to have a glass of ice without water (to make an iced tea...)

But they ran the extra mile...

Until 10 am I stayed alone in a internet café to get access to my company's network. But somehow the access did not work.

Bruno saw me from the ship when I was returning. Jack (our yesterda's cab driver) caught me and asked for Becky. As we had independent plans, we could not say anything. But I promised him to call her on the house phone once I would have been back onboard.

The Pirate's picture.... uahhh...

I went from board with Bruno to discover the Western part of the island.

They emptied the Duty Free Shops and get the stuff to NORWEGIAN DAWN where they can still sell it.

We went from the Ferry Terminal to Dockyard. There we met

Calypso5525 (Mary und Jeff)

from cruisecritic.com.

They planned to spend the day like us.

From the ferryboat we took more pictures of NORWEGIAN DREAM. As the weather changes rapidly the light changes always.

... and there she was waiting for us in the Dockyard: NORWEGIAN DAWN.

And that's Dockyard:

Maritime Museum, Aquarium, Snorkeling Beach, Shopping Mall etc. etc.

Pure Cruise Industry!

It was attracked my attention to do... but 80 BMD (= USD - fully accepted but not v.v.. That's why you always should ask for change in US funds.) for two hours was a lot of money...

But we wanted to see the pink beaches. So went by bus to the Southern Beaches. The ride was somehow adventurous...

We were following intuitively other passengers of NORWEGIAN DAWN with their snorkeling equipement.

It's a resort. We were looking for the public access. Other passengers of the NORWEGIAN DREAM on the way back told us that it's worth to descent (about 600 yards). At the beginning of the beach area there were some mobile toilets and when we reached the private Elbow beach we knew why NCL charges for a shore excursion to a private beach so much: Showers, Lockers, Sunbeds etc. Next time we are booking a shore excursion.

The beach is not really pink. It's the reflexion depending to sunshine and water which appears pink. Checking the wet sand than you can say it's somehow pink if you watch longer. But maybe we were just at the wrong place.

It's the last day of the season. We booked an hour of snorkeling. As there were no day passes for spontanous visitors we need to change some of our clothes in the store. But the owner told us how to find the lockers of the reort.

When I was in the water I found out that I still had problems with my knee. The water was somehow convenient if there would not have been the wind which made it impossible to enjoy.

I tried it for some minutes but then I gave up.

Bruno did it few minutes longer.

We returned the equipement (14 BMD for the first hour) and went to have a warm shower.

Then we had lunch in the beach restaurant for a price we better should tell here. But when will we return again to enjoy this view.

Our waiter Alex' accent reminded us very much to Kalina. He was from Bulgaria as well...

We walked back through the resort to the street:

Back onboard we just wanted to get away from our wet towels and swimming shorts.

In our cabin the heating was running. We adjusted this morning to "heat" but without success. In the afternoon they adjusted the general air condition again so we heated our stateroom all the day.

Some greetings from David and again an invitation to a Latitude-event.

We went again to the internet café. Very close: you see behind the Union Jack at the end of the street our stateroom at the bow. Unfortunately the WiFi-signal was not strong enough to stay onboard to browse...

By this way very nice if you like social studies:

Someting on Bermuda attrackted our attention: In many areas you can observe one is working and five are looking how he is working. It's somehow different here: It's not a true café but a branch of a telecommunication company: some were watching TV instead of watching the only one working.

That's why it was not so easy to work because you cannot concentrate very well.

This morning my credit card were accepted. Now the transaction was cancelled.

I still cannot get into the company's network. The safety requirements were too high. Bruno could not get on German Telecom's webmail-site either and another lady had also problems.

So I could not do anything else but uploading pictures to the blog.

When we left the shop it was raining dogs and cats again.

We visited David who had a present for Bruno as he recently became Latitude-Silver-member:

A diary-book... and also one for me although I got already the magnetics for my fridge from NCL Europe when I became Silver-Member...

Was it to tell I should not blog but keep my memories on paper???

We went to the "The Terraces" for dinner.

Ramona allocated us to the waitress Ramona from Romania. But today we have our extra mile day...

Bruno's dumpling was so great and my salad killed by day before yesterday's Aceto Balsamico that I requested a dumpling myself...

Maître D' Herold came along and asked if everything is allright and attrackted our attention to the Chocoholic Buffet. They did not know yet where the venue should be: normally on the pool deck but due to the weather...

"We invite you depending to the weather!"

Me: "Does it mean that we have to pay if it is raining and it's free if is not raining???"

He laughed out loud.

Bruno always is the winner if there is a yummy curry. That's mostly on all ships while I had my steak which was cut thinner and thinner from voyage to voyage. I have the impression that's a syndicate as even non NCL-voyages count.

Ramona came and remarked that I would not be a good veggie lover as she saw how much veggie was left. Next to our table he spoke German and she answered in English. When our assistant waitress asked him if everything was allright, he answered in German. She went on and I asked her if she understood him. She said yes: some basics she had in all major languages and said "Ich liebe dich" ("I love you!") to me. Only with the French version we need to correct her pronouciation to avoid that her man of ther wildest dreams may not understand what she wants. We wanted to ease her future and started to sing with her Lady Marmelade's famous hit... When we translated the title she refused to go with me to Karaoke. We had a lot of fun so that we did not take a desert although chocolate-filled cake was available and went straight right to the show:


The perfect sons-in-law broked again the hearts of older ladies...

Was very nice, but personally I am not a big fan of extreme interpretations and like it more classical like on NORWEGIAN SPRIT.

We went to the coffeebar. Tonight is classical music. A loudspeaker just broked and someone changed everything this the music system. Nothing worked.

The music system went on again when the female musician cursed...

Although Irena (waitress from Macedonia) was not in charge for the technical equipemnet she tried to calm down the situation...

On the way to the Chocoholic-Buffet we saw that the kids were well prepared for Halloween.

We were still so full that we decided not to eat. Beside it was too windy to make a stay pleasant.

Thomas and I Gede took care that none was starting...

And between the buffet the open-air-disco.

When we returned Kalina and Irena were again in-charge for the onboard-entertainment. They were still refusing to do our laundry...

Everyone was preparing for Halloween...

... and again an invitation for Silver-Gold-Planinum-Members for the Captain's Reception...

Good Night.

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