Tag/Day 11.1 auf der/on NORWEGIAN JADE in Valletta, Malta

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An Schlaf ist nicht zu denken. Es wäre zu schade, das zu verpassen:

No chance to think of sleeping. It would be too sad to miss this:

There was nothing serious to complain in the cabin.

Es gab eigentlich nichts, worüber man sich in der Kabine aufregen musste.

An die Lampe über dem Waschbecken, die ein paar Sekunden länger brauchte, haben wir uns eh schon gewöhnt.

We learned to live with the lamp above the sink which need few seconds longer to be on.

But then it happened... The air-condition did not work anymore.

Und dann passierte es doch... Die Klimaanlage war auf einmal defekt.

Bei 20.1° C rufen wir die Rezeption an... ich rufe die Kollegen der Weltpresse zusammen und bereite schon mal meine Decke und Kissen für den Auftritt in der Lobby vor...

With 68 F we called the reception desk... I called the international world press and prepared myself with my blanket and my pillow for my march to the lobby...

Well we were somehow familiar to have the breakfast garbage on our balcony.

An den Frühstücksdreck haben wir uns schon fast gewöhnt.

Wir feiern wieder eine "Reunion-Party" mit Valentina, die uns von der NORWEGIAN GEM 2009 her kennt. Wieso müssen eigentlich immer diejenigen, die wir kennen, im Cagney's arbeiten... So müssen wir uns jedes Mal Zugang verschaffen, um die Bilder zu machen. Sie geht übrigens als nächstes auf die NORWEGIAN EPIC. Die tun wirklich alles, damit wir mal wieder NORWEGIAN EPIC fahren...

We celebrate again a "Reunion-Party" with Valentina who remember us from NORWEGIAN GEM 2009. Why must everyone whom we know work at Cagney's... So we need to get access to take those pictures. She will move to NORWEGIAN EPIC. They really do everything to make me booking NORWEGIAN EPIC.

Looked like the day in Malta will become more wet.

Leider verspricht der Tag auf Malta etwas nasser zu werden.

Zumindest auf dem Schiff wird es nass.

Or let's say you get wet when you were on the ship.

It was new that the debarkation must be terminated by 09.00 hrs. 10.00 hrs is history. I. e. you choose a debarkation time between 06.30 hrs and 08.30 hrs and they give you the baggage tags accordingly. Color and time available until tags run out. As long as there is no GI-alert you can help yourself at the side rack. If you carry yourself your bags from the ship you can go at any time without baggage tag.

Neu ist, dass die Ausschiffung bis 09.00 Uhr abgeschlossen sein muss. 10.00 Uhr sind wohl passé. D. h. man sucht sich eine Ausschiffungszeit zwischen 06.30 Uhr und 08.30 Uhr aus und lässt sich entsprechende Kofferanhänger geben. Ausgabe der Farbe bzw. Zeit solange der Vorrat reicht. Wenn kein GI-Alarm ist, darf man sich die Kofferanhänger allerdings selbst am Seitenfach holen. Wenn man selbst die Koffer von Bord schleppt, kann man runter wann man will und braucht keinen Gepäckanhänger.

Als Latitudes-Gold oder Platin bekommen wir VIP-Kofferanhänger. Die Ausschiffungszeiten sind hier 07.00 Uhr, 08.00 Uhr und 09.00 Uhr.

As Latitudes Gold or Platinum you get VIP-baggage tag. Debarkation times are 07.00 hrs, 08.00 hrs and 09.00 hrs.

By coincidence we learned with the announcements that we can register our purchases with the shopping guarantee. When I asked I learned that the leatherware store participates to this programme. So I should fill out twice this form. Here you learn how to claim (30 days after debarkation, 45 days in Europe).

Zufällig bekommen wir die Ansage mit, dass wir unsere Einkäufe für die Einkaufsgarantie anmelden können. Als ich nachfrage, erfahre ich, dass das Lederwarengeschäft in der Türkei an diesem Programm teilnimmt. Daher soll ich die beiden Formulare ausfüllen und abgeben. Hier ist alles notiert, um seine Ansprüche (30 Tage nach Ausschiffung, in Europa 45 Tage nach Ausschiffung) anzumelden.

Als ich nachfrage, warum ich in dem Laden ein Logo von RCI und Celebrity gesehen habe, erfahre ich von Ekatarina, dass die anderen mit dieser Organisation das ganze abwickeln und man dann auf das Logo im Geschäft achten soll.

When I asked why I only found a logo of RCI and Celebrity, Ekatarina showed me the logo of the organisation who manage the shopping guarantee for other cruise lines and I should look for this logo in the shops.

We made it to Malta. Captain Kim Karlsson told us to be ready at the starboard side by 10.00 hrs to see this.

Wir erreichen die Einfahrt von Malta. Kapitän Kim Karlsson hat uns gesagt, dass wir bis 10.00 Uhr auf der Steuerbordseite stehen sollten, um das zu sehen.

You can see how it looked like when you had sunshine as it looks double as beautiful like then on NORWEGIAN GEM 2009.

Wenn die Sonne scheint, dann sieht das ganze nochmals doppelt so schön aus, wie damals auf der NORWEGIAN GEM 2009.


  1. Hello Tien,
    Thanks for the wonderful blog. I've been following it for months. My friend and me will be on cruise in this coming February. Two of our destinations are Valletta and Naples. Thus we would like to know, can we travel on own there with public transports? or is it better for us to join the cruise excursions? Thanks for your opinion.

  2. Hi,

    in Valletta it's really easy to use public transport if you are just planning to see major attractions like Valletta itself or Mdina (see Blog of NORWEGIAN GEM 2009). Bus 198 will take you to the central bus hub at the town gate and from here you have buses to every destination on Malta. Another option are the Ho-Ho-Buses which are available at the cruise terminal.

    In Naples you can easily go by public transport which includes Ercolano (Herculaneum), Mt. Vesuvius or Pompeij (see Blog of NORWEGIAN GEM 2009). If you are planning to go to Amalfi-Coast incl. Positano you better take a private tour to save time. If you still want to do so: Go by train to Salerno and then by alongside Amalfi-Coast to Sorrento. From here you can take back the train to Naples. (see Blog of OCEAN PRINCESS 2010).

    Have a good trip!!!

  3. Thanks for the info. Since you have so much cruise experiences, I hope you could help me to answer another question.
    I'm a Malaysian who lives in Germany. Two years ago when I was on MSC Fantasia, they kept my passport and told me I could travel with my cruise pass. Everything ran smooth, I believed it could be that the route was within Schengen Area.
    Now this coming trip with Louis Majesty, the route will beyond Schengen Area, e.g. Egypt, Israel and Cyprus. Will the procedure be the same? In fact I don't need any visa to visit Egypt. But Israel is tricky, because it's stated in my passport that I don't allowed to visit Israel. Regarding Cyprus I don't know anything about it.

  4. Well - I am not an immigration expert, so this is just a personal expertise with no binding legal content:

    1. You need to have a Schengen-Titel. In Germany it would be "Aufenthaltsberechtigung" or "Aufenthaltserlaubnis" which will give you the same status when you are travelling with the Schengen-countries (and some other countries like Croatia etc.).

    2. Subject you have this title, within an Intra-Schengen itinerary you do not need anything but the Cruise Card because there is no immigration control. Like with our itineray Turkey and Egypt were Extra-Schengen countries.

    3. Egypt: you need a passport to get something special for cruisers: a landing permission which is valid for three days. All cruisers get a stamp in their passport and it is valid for a trip if you return to your ship within three days.

    4. Israel: Normally you get for Israel as well a stamp as landing permission but as many countries has the problem you normally get it on an extra slip and once you left the country you just dispose the slip. Even German get it to avoid to have different passports to enter Israel and Arabic countries which do not accept Israel stamps in the passports and refuse the admission in their countries.

    5. Cyprus: The Northern Turkish Part is no part of the Schengen-Area. Louis Cruises is a Greek-Cyprus company who is operating from the part or Cyprus which joined Schengen treatee since 01.01.2004. Therefore if you have a. m. Schengen-Title in Germany you are free to visit this country without problems.

  5. Thanks for the detailed explanations. You know definitely more than the staffs in cruise agency. I do have a Schengen-Titel, but for the worst case I don't mind to stay on board. Well, one doesn't know, if one doesn't try.

    Regarding the cruise excursions,

    In Valetta the cruise'll stop for 6,5 hours and two excursions are offered; 1) Valletta 46€, 2) Mosta, Mdina & Rabat 41€. Probably we'll travel on our own in Valletta. And perhaps will include Mdina, if we have enough time.

    In Naples the cruise'll stop for 6 hours and two excursions are offered as well; 1) Naples Sightseeing 44€, 2) Pompeii 54€. Probably we'll join the excursion to Pompeii. I did go through your tour to Herculaneum and Mt. Vesuvius. It's kind of complicated for me. If we stay at Naples, we would visit it on our own.


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